Radio collared study bear shot and killed in Minnesota

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    Nice job to our some hunters in Minnesota. And you wonder why the anti hunters hate us?

    .Lily the Black Bear's Notes
    ReportWrite a NoteUpdate September 7, 2010 – 4:19 PM CDT
    .by Lily the Black Bear on Tuesday, September 7, 2010 at 9:02pm.
    Sarah bear is dead
    Her radio-collar was covered with bright ribbons. We thought she was safe.
    We picked up her blood-spotted radio-collar from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources this morning. It had been turned in anonymously.
    We are at a loss what to do to combat this kind of loss. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources posted a picture of a radio-collared bear with ribbons like on Sarah’s collar and asked hunters not to shoot these bears. The Minnesota Bear Guides Association asked their hunters to spare radio-collared bears. We contacted all the hunters we know in this area to introduce them to bears and answer their questions.
    Sarah on the scale - September 4, 2010We have gotten the word out every way we know, including signs throughout the study area. And thanks to Lily fans, a huge amount of media coverage told how the radio-collared bears are helping science, education, and the regional economy.
    Sarah was a gentle, trusting, and trustworthy bear with the calm personality that allows a person to accompany her and be ignored.
    Such a bear is a window into bear life for both us and the world.
    One goal with Sarah was to document her changing relationship with Braveheart as Sarah grew to maturity in Braveheart’s territory. We wanted to confirm or contrast those data with what we are learning from June and her daughter Lily. Sarah likely would have carved out a territory within Braveheart’s territory, while big Braveheart usurped part of neighboring territories to make room.
    Sarah - July 17, 2010We began such a study in 2006 with Braveheart’s daughter Gracie. We remember our worry during hunting season as people repeatedly tore down our signs in Gracie’s area. We tied ribbons on Gracie’s collar. Someone who watched her run across a road said she looked like a clown with all those ribbons! Shortly, a hunter shot her and turned in the radio-collar.
    We waited for Braveheart’s next litter, but it was 3 males, and males don’t set up territories in their mother’s territory.
    Braveheart’s third litter included Sarah, but the opportunity for all that this gentle bear could reveal again ended with a bullet.
    Ethical hunters are reacting with disgust, saying “that is not hunting!”
    We both felt the hopeless sense of somehow being violated. We hoped our shaking wasn’t noticeable as we spoke to cameras for the BBC documentary. We know you understand our feelings.
    We re-checked the other radio-collared bears. They seem to be safe. But we are still worried about the trail cam on a bear trail on the edge of the property here.
    Thank you for your support through the hard times as well as the joyous ones.
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    Sarah Bears final note entry.

    Oh ****, he's got a gun!

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    Mike from Maine

    Mike maybe poachers dont fallow the game laws. :noidea: This has happened here around state parks here. Often everyone doesnt get the information about the collared deer. Its going to happen and it doesnt mean its a hunter. If hunters were not in the woods poachers still would be. Just for your info antis wouldnt like us regardless of this:doh: Apparently you dont read Peta website.
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    And it could of got hit by a car, fell off a cliff, got sick, it was hunting season.....such is the circle of life.

    Now pass the bear steaks :hungry: :hungry: :hungry:
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    I agree that as far as research goes a loss has happened, however this is natural loss due to hunting that is legal and the bears are susceptable to legal hunters. One must also ask how much value does this bear really provide when by description is capable of human interaction on a regular basis, being somewhat docile with humans is not natures way and this would provide somewhat skewed information. Sad that someone shot the bear, nice they turned in the collar which is valuable. Maybe hunters will not get so trigger happy if they see a collared bear, I have hunted where it was legal to shoot collared deer but never had the chance. Would I have shot one? Maybe then again maybe not.