Rainbow Bowmen Bowhunter Animal Results July 29

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  1. :welcome: Thanks to every one for coming. We had 26 shooters. RESULTS: WOMEN UNLIMITED AA; Dawn Patsy 554(tied her record). MEN UNLIMITED AA; Aaron Hildebrand 560(tied record), Denny Zinz 552, Alvin Zinz 547, Jim Shuler 538, Ed Kregar 531. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED AA; John Poole 556, Dan Alisesky 539, Kerry Switzer 529. BOWHUNTER UNLIMITED A; John Cunningham 527, Chad Doing 511. BAREBOW AA; Jim Laird 458. TRADITIONAL RECURVE; Jim Hughes 342(regional record). CADET; Spencer Riddle 351, Garrett Riddle 237. GUESTS; Joe Panetta unl 558, Joel Little unl 543, Gary McFarland bhunl 541, Dave Conway unl 518, Charles Fetterolf bhunl 495, Doug Riddle bhunl 483, Don Weisenfluh unl 457, Ron Seber bhunl 412, John Euchler fs 371, George Szalewicz bb 166, Kevin Weisenfluh unl inc. Thanks again to everyone for coming. Good Luck to anyone going to states. Charlie:wave: