RAINBOW BOWMEN of Franklin, PA Results Jan. 6, 08

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  1. Thanks to everyone for coming. Next shoot Jan. 20 8:00am to 9:00pm, 30 target 3D shoot.
    Results for Jan. 6 2008

    CADET -------------------------------- YOUTH
    1st Dillon Jolley-------252----------1st Alec Deloe--------278
    2nd Hunter Whitman--243
    3rd Dawson Jones---- 202

    1st Diane Knetchel----269

    1st Dale Jones--------296----------- 1st Bill Whitman------290
    2nd Jason Bennett----294------------2nd Rob Aaron-------290
    3rd Jeff Bennett------292------------3rd Mike Hanna-------290

    1st John Poole -------292------------1st Ralph Terrill------286
    2nd Gary McFarland---290------------2nd Alvin Zonz------286
    3rd Bob Wingard------288------------3rd Craig Williams----285

    1st Eugene Nowicki---267------------1st Greg Magness----272
    -------------------------------------2nd Jim Hughes-------242
    -------------------------------------3rd Frank Rudari------242

    Thanks again to everyone. See you in two weeks Jan. 20.
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