re-beginner needs advices on bowyers and brands

Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by gregvds, Jan 27, 2008.

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    Hello to all, I'm new here.

    I target shot for 10 years, more or less ten years ago, and sold my bow a long time ago. Now it seems the virus comes back :)

    At that time, I had a cheap three part bow, recurve, not very nice, with something like 40 pounds. I don't have a clue at dimensions at all.

    My aim now is still only instinctive target shooting, for the fun, not for competion. But I want to do this in style, with a very nice bow. So I'm off for a custom made exotic wood bow, recurve, 1 piece if no elegant three pieces bow exists outhere.

    I would like to have your appreciation on these different bowyers of custom: recurves.htm"__560__One_Piece

    Ok, I'm surely not exhaustive here, but it's a first batch of what I found. I would like to know if these bowyers are well-known, serious, if their products are of high reputation and quality (sure here you see I'm a real rookie, I already hear "Brad/Pete/Jack make the best ones, they are very well known, you don't deserve one of his bows if you don't know that"). Please if you know these, try to use the brand name, or the full name of the bowyer if no brand name is available, I currently don't know who Dean/John/Duane/Abe are nor which brand they represent/own.

    Please don't try to convince me I just need an entry level product from the sport shop round the corner because I begin, and later, in a few years, I'll know what I need. I just want to re-begin with a very good and very nice bow, that's all. I need the objects I use to be of a very high standard, I'm a snob, sorry.

    I also need advice on bow size against the span I have (around 29-30 inches from left palm to right hand at mouth corner) for recurve or longbow.

    To shoot on target, do I need a certain amount of pound, or it's up to me?

    What is the flemish thing for the string, ten years ago, I did not hear about it?

    Please, I really do need some help to better know the domain and make a wize choice.

    All the very best,

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    :welcome: to the forum, greg

    I dont think many people here shoot custom recurves or longbows. You might want to post this on the ArcheryTalk traditional forum or at Leatherwall forum at Bowsite.

    Good luck with your search. I wish I could have been more help.

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    And :welcome:to the forum and back to archery.:wave:
    If you want a 3-piece or what we call a Take-down just for shooting around with check out Pse,martin,bear,etc
    I shoot a PSE-Talon and have shot in Triditional tournys with it.
    If you want a more expensive take-down check out
    They make some of the best, I had the pleasure of owning at 1 time the Widow-maker, By blackwidow, awesome bows.
    Im also in an Archery club which is mostly a Triditional bow club which has a couple of Bower's in it that make and sell custom longbows and recurves in VA
    Check them out at Dixiebowman Archeryclub.
    Hope this helped.:biggrin1: