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  1. slamdam

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    I am wondering what type of release aid everyone uses and if they like it. I use a tru fire wrist strap. I am thinking of getting a carter 4 finger. Opinions would be nice.
  2. rdnkgrl_robinhood

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    Well I personally shoot a wrist strap release, the Truball Short-N-Sweet. It was one of the few wrist style releases that I could find that would fit my hands. It's a little harder to find good stuff in the archery department for women.
    Anyway, there is a huge difference in shooting a hand held BT release and wrist strap style release, I highly suggest that before you whip out a 100 bucks on a new hand held of any kind that you find a few and try them out. You have to shoot it to see if you are even going to like it. Changing release styles is like taming a whole new animal, it will take a lot of time and a lot of work to get used to something new.

    Try a few, try several,

    Good Luck,

  3. Radar

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    I have a Carter Insatiable thumb trigger and I also have a Zenith back tension, Like them both alot, I really like the way the shot goes off with the Back tension, when everything goes right man that feels awesome
  4. Ronhop

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    I had been using a TRU Ball Tornado for a couple of years, which I liked, and switched to a Winn Archery glove release for hunting this season, which I like better. I recently bought a Carter Solution 3 which I plan on using for 3D. The Solution 3 is pretty versatile in that it can be converted between a thumb trigger and BT release just by inserting/removing a screw. I have not tried the BT feature yet but that's on the horizon. I would say that I'm definitely more accurate with the Carter than the Winn shooting in the yard, but I would never use the Carter or any other hand-held type release for hunting. To me that would feel really awkward and if you drop it your screwed... Not only that but with a glove on the hand held don't feel right to me.

    The best thing to do is try as many as you can. They all feel a lot different, even between 2, 3 and 4 finger releases. I found it fun but challenging going from a wrist/glove release to a hand held. But, like I said, I'm more accurate with the hand held now that I'm getting used to it.

  5. Dredly

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    T.R.U Pro-Diamond w/ Caliper head
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    I have been shooting a Carter insatiable for the last 6 years. 5 years now with the one I am shooting. I am thinking about getting another.
  7. slamdam

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    thanks for the input
  8. VA Vince

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    Stan Super X for a while and just picked up the Carter Evolution. The carter is nice, just takes getting used to. It will definitly show your flaws in form, which is a good thing. I shot a vegas 450 round yesterday with it for the first time and only dropped 6 points off of my average. I think I am going to keep using the carter untill I get my form down good.
  9. lungbuster

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    tru ball

    tru ball titan love it... and tru ball is fast if you have a problem..
  10. joeygumbo

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    I have had the same issue of trying to get away from a wrist release ot shooting a back tension. I did not like the thumb trigger releases and did not want to take a year to learn a true back tension. After some trial and error I have found a great balance between the two in the Copper John Four finger eagle.

    Go to this review and read about it.

    I absolutely love it. It is the best of both worlds no more punching.
  11. two_shoes

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    I have just comitted to my Zenith comfort 4 finger. I just started using it yesterday. I have toyed with it for about a week with a string loop. 2 weeks ago I shot a 393 for the Vegas 450 with my trigger release. Tonight I shot a 412. Not a HUGE improvement but no loss as well, which was a little more important to me. I had a couple of "flyers" because I forced the shot and didn't let down to start over. I felt pretty comfortable with changing over to it and changing my grip too (I was heeling the bow over)
    I agree with trying a couple of different BTs as they all have little nuances. I just happen to like the simplicity of the Zenith. :biggrin1:

  12. short-n-sweet

    SHORT-N-SWEET the name says it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:rockon: [​IMG]