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    Hi, I'm a newbie and have a question about releases. I shoot a typical trigger type hunting release, however looking at pictures of many 3D shooters I see them shooting with T type releases. What's the advantage of the T type release and why are they not more popular in hunting situations.
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    When I first started shooting I used a wrist strap trigger release, I used it for hunting, 300 round, and 3d tourneys. I switched to a thumb trigger release (T type) and just felt a whole lot more stable. Now I shoot everything with this style release and even hunt with it. I think that most guys use the wrist strap release because..... they have a wrist strap, dont have to worry about losing it. I shoot a truball and they offer a type of wrist strap that hooks on to the release. I am actually thinking of switching to a back tension release for 300 and 3d (for my own reasons). If you are curious about hand held releases I suggest that you try one maybe you'll like it maybe you won't. But with any kind of release get one with good usually end up paying for a good one but your release is everything so for your own good don't skimp.;)

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    Archers tend to shoot what their buddies shoot. The common release for the bowhunter is the index trigger finger. However, most target shooters prefer a thumb trigger or back tension release.

    The theory is you can learn to shoot a thumb trigger the same way you shoot a back tension release. Instead of pushing the trigger with your index finger or your thumb, you preload and pull with your back to get it to fire.

    Once you start shooting these all summer for target shooting, it's very easy to shoot the same release for hunting. I shoot a Carter for hunting and so do most of my friends.
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    I have had a hard time finding a release that fits, I am a female with small hands and I just bought a glove style release and am hoping that it will be a good solution to my problem. I had been shooting a lil bitty goose but even and the shortest setting it was just slightly long for comfort, maybe my fingers are just short I don't know. The only thing I see that will be an issue with this particular glove style release is that you have to manually close it onto the string, but it is definately comfy.