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    I know this is off subject but here it is. Need some thoughts on the barnes tsx boattail bullets. (tripple shock). I had to change to them cause barns dosent have the old x anymore. so the problem is that the new ones have less tapper towards the front then the old ones, so it makes a longer coal (cartridge over all lenght) to make the seat depth from the rifle lands the same. Target from the lands is .030 to .070. I started them at .050 and they dont fit in the mag now, this is on a 300 ultra mag, shell on far left, i found the same on the 270 win, I got them at .050 and their fine in a wetherby rifle. anyone else run into this? I think ill head to a store with my calipers and check some coal on a few of the factory rounds...... Rabbit season is almost here so i gota get the 300 ultra shooting some good groups!!
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    OH I'd love to get into reloading.:doh: ain't got room for the stuff I got now.
    No idea on your problem. sorry.:noidea:

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    I think I have the last 6 PMC X-bullets that were in production :rockon: . BEST bullet I ever shot.