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    Every onces in awhile someone asks how to change the size of a photo so they can show us what they've done. I hope this will help. Please! No wise...comments as the girl is my grand daughter.

    First go to the FOLDER that you have saved the photo in....

    Right click on the folder and a drop down box will appear . Click on the "OPEN With and then open with "PAINT" After it opens in Paint you will see a large picture. In the menue at the top, Go to images. Click on Images and then Click on "Stretch/Skrew. Under the "Stretch" portion you can change the values. I usually try 25% first, Make sure you change the Horizontal and Verticle the same. Once you are happy with the size. Go to "File" at the upper left hand corner, Click on "Save As" and save the file.....

    VERY IMPORTANT...................When you save the file make sure you change the name otherwise the file will be permantly changed. I usually keep the same name but add an "S" to it telling me it's the smaller file.

    You Can check the "Size Value" by clicking on the "Attributes" heading in the drop down box under "Images"
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    The easiest way I've found to resize pics is to download the Windows image resizer. click on the link below, scroll down and look on the right side at the downloads. download the image resizer and then all you have to do is right click any picture and select small medium or large.

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    2nd that one! Much easier... You can also do multiple photos at one time!