RESULTS of the June 20&21 IBO WQ/Archery Extravaganza

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    Hi Participants -
    Thanks goes out to all who attended our IBO World Qualifier/Archery Extravaganza! Been getting emails and phone calls on the results so here they are!
    • Class First Name Last Name Score
      AHC Jonathan Brown 365
      AHC Paul Williams 368
      AHC Steve Donze 408
      CUB Griffin Way 200
      CUB Sam Giancola 244
      HC Scott Einsmann 396
      MBO Nick Kale 275
      MBO Rusty Bruce 285
      MBO Leo Pike Jr. 316
      MBO Steven Hillard 320
      MBO Jared Mackenzie 326
      MBO Chad Morse 351
      MBO Stephen Santos 366
      MBO James McDevitt 369
      MBO Jason Kennedy 379
      MBR Mike Blackwell 305
      MBR Jeff Leech 342
      MBR Scott Parry 347
      MBR Daniel Idzik 370
      MCBH Leon Sepuka 364
      MCBH Craig Warmington 373
      MSR George Sweet 384
      MSR Dana Harding 396
      MSR John Libby 402
      PSR Stephen Hamner 385
      PSR Roger Thibault 386
      SPM Brian Fellows 304
      SPM Ben Lambert 399
      TRD Sean Callanan 352
      YMR15-17 Tom O'Toole 256
    The results will be sent to IBO/Judy today and the invitations to the world will be along in about 10 Days!
    Any Questions can be directed directly to [email protected]
    Thanks again for coming to this IBO Event!
    Mike Erwin
    IBO Committee :amen: