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    Before I tell this, the owner of the local bow shop didn't give me a problem with how I scored this, but I thought it was interesting. My indoor 3-D league was today. Four people shoot at a time. Two shoot stationary and two shoot pop-ups. Anyway, the I was shooting at the dinosaur at about 27-28 yards and I saw the other guy that was shooting stationaries put one in the X on the cobra at about 23-24 yards. I told him that he made a really nice shot, we all seem to have a mental block on that target. My next arrow cracked when it hit the cobra. I thought that I smacked his arrow. When we walked up I saw that all but two inches of my GT was buried in his xx-75. After we shot, the owner asked how we scored it and told us about a shoot that he was at, IBO I believe. He did the samething and they had to get a ruling. They gave him the same score as the other arrow, but the official told him that the rule read something about scoring the arrow by where it "touches the target". His arrow was not physically touching the target. Anybody ever heard such a thing? By the way, testament to Blazer vanes. I hit dead-center on the 2213 saved the arrow and only cut one vane, mangled one and the other was still intacked and usable when I remove the GT from the Easton. I did put new fletchings on it but I managed to save the arrow.:rockon:
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    If it was a robin hood, you would score based on the arrow that is in the target. If it didn't actually stick in the other arrow but just broke the nock and then stuck in the foam, it scores where the arrow lands.

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    hummm only 2 posts and totaly diff awnsers... Around here, on 3ds, If the arrow is not touching foam, its a 0. I had this happen twice to me and got 0s both times..... I tried to fight but to no avail, I was told that it was an obstical, and that if it were a tree branch or stump, it would be a 0 for the same reason, if theirs a branch in front of the 10 ring on an animal, and you stick the branch, but would have hit the 10 if the branch wasnt their, its still a 0. arrow is not touching the animal. Might want to ask for those rules at the pre shoot meeting, just to be clear, lots of clubs have diff rules. O and Chris, im not starting a fight with you, just the way it is here.