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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by MO.HICK, Apr 23, 2007.

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    I shot the Rinehart 100 at Sedela MO this weekend. What a blast! Probably shot the worst that I have shot in a long. Just could not get my yardage down. Missed judged one target by 8 yards. When I got up to shoot could not figure out what to shoot. I think it was a kazel. The target before it was a small target. They were out in a open field. So I came to full draw all my pins were on the animal he was so big. Just centered them and pulled the triger. shot low but still got an eight. At the end they have drawings for door prizes. They had three prizes left and one of them was a Darton Spector bow. I won it. Does anyone know anything about these bows? Are they decient bows? If anyone has a chance to shoot one of these shoots. I would recomend you do so. What a fun time weather you shoot good or not:biggrin1: .

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    Glad to hear you had a good time. CONGRATS on winning the Darton Spector, better ask ED(brokenarrow) he is our loyal Darton shooter.:doh: :laugh:

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    Congrats on the bow and having fun.
    I'd love to do one of those shoots. I think they are all more or less too far away for me. I'll have to check the R-100 shoot schedule again.

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    Congrats on the bow...I dont know anything about the Spector...sorry...Maybe Whitetail99 he's a Darton guy too...

    Glad to here you had a good time at the shoot...A bunch of us will be headed to the PA shoot in July...Should be a blast...
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    Great job on havin fun. Don't know much about them bows.

    I am gonna be goin to tha R-100 in Pa ta shoot with tha boys from around there,Bowman, dready, Brokenarrow and some more i believe will be there. so come on up and will have a large time. We got us some camp sites together at a campground to.