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    This is my second year hunting with a bow, and the first year hunting during the rut. I live in Pennsylvania. Could anyone give me the time of the rut and/or any tips for hunting in the rut? Thanks
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    ok dude. look. the rut here is just coming on when the season is ending. i live near lancaster in pa. coatesville to be exact. but there has been a couple seasons where the deer were in rut when i was hunting and the deer are everywhere. and you can get a buck when its riding a doe.=]

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    In Va which is not very fer from you!
    The rut come's in at different times depending on the moon phase and the weather,here around the 1st to the 2nd week in nov.
    But dont get discoraged by this.
    The pre-rut is really what you want when the buck's are scent checking scrapes and chaseing or tending does.
    Around here it happens between the 15 of october to the 15 of nov.
    Thats the intire pre-rut and rut cycle.
    Also dont forget the second rut on the 15 of dec. when the fawns which were born around june come into there first heat cycle after 6 months old.
    Tips: around 15 of october look for does and youll find bucks close by.
    Hang around them it wont be long before 1 of them starts what i call ( smelling up) A buck will be there to chase her around and try to get her back on his turf, like hearding cattle!:biggrin1:
    Hope this helps!
    Main goal:Halloween Stay in the woods all day!:rockon:
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    I am in michigan and the rut is usually around the second week of Nov. ....BUT... the best time to be in the woods is around the first week of Nov.(last week of Oct.) that's when the bucks are running and chasing does the most. The does aren't ready to stand but the buck are lookin hard for the first few and spend a lot of time traveling and chasing. If a buck is going to respond to a call this is it. Good Luck..:rockon:
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    I hunt SW PA and the rut always seems to be in around the first 2-3 weeks of November. hunt all day during these times if you can. Bucks will be moving all day during this time. I like to find water and hunt a trail leading to it. A buck gets thirsty chasing all those does around.:D
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    I'm in NE PA and we normally start seeing signs of bucks looking for a bit of action and marking off their land around the end of October, first week of Nov. They really get into it around the first - 2nd week of Nov.

    Keep in mind. Deer WILL still come into bleet calls and on occasion antlers even if they aren't in the rut.
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    As for tips...

    BE READY!!!! I've made the mistake before of not being ready for a buck after I rattled a few times and then watched him some out of nowhere look around, see nothing, and split all before I had a chance to stand up!

    Be Careful! if you are using a real set of antlers be careful, they hurt like hell and if you get yourself squished good enough you may not be able to shoot... especially if your trigger finger is numb from the impact.

    Be Smart! Post up on trails that lead from bedding and nighttime feeding areas where the doe's are. Don't worry about where the bucks are as they will come a runnin! if you saw a buck moving on trail X every day of the week and he never had does then he won't be there come the Rut.

    Edges of fields are normally a good spot to post as the doe will still be feeding out there and you can normally pull a buck off pretty easy by making him think another guy is about to walk into his brothel