Safest shooting distance for deer with a bow

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  1. Southernfryedyankee

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    I was always told never to shoot past 35 yds ABSOLUTE MAX as it could do more to wound a deer than kill it. But I see people sighting in for 10-45 yds isnt that a risk to the animal?

    I shoot a Bowtech Tribute 65#
    Muzzy 115 4 blade
    Carbon Express Terminator hunters
  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    This is all about what you personally believe is ethical. i personally would not shoot at a deer past 30 yards. You will hear of some guys who shoot at deer out past 60 yards. I think too much can go wrong at that distance but that is my personal feelings and I will not bash someone for taking the shot. I will suggest they shorten there max distance if I hear they wound and do not recover an animal. But in the end it is up to them. Lot of guys are very vocal on both sides of this fence. Beware:tape:


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    this may be the most debated topic among bowhunters.......

    well except which is better Mathews or Bowtech.....:noidea:
  4. Southernfryedyankee

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    Well we all know Bowtech is better. So thats one issue resolved. I am going to set my pins for 10-20-25-30-35

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    you and wheels do alot of dreaming....
  6. Holy Smokes

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    I practice from 33 to 48 constanly all summer and shoot from a stand for a month out to 47. I have been bowhuntin since 73> You learn alot about huntin and what you can do over the years> I have taken 2 deer at 38-40 and the deer were not spooked I knew the distance. no trees in the way and had many yrs of experince
    which cuts down on errors and excitement. lets call it confidence> Only time will produce this.
    My average shot is 17 yrds> I let em come on in. I like to get em up close thrills me to do that to those sneeky fellars>
    So scent control and wind play a big part in this and being very slooooooow moving. ahhh love it> HS
  7. brokenarrow

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    I personally try to take a shot under 40...but if push comes to shove I'm comfortable out to 55-60
  8. Ronhop

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    Like he said... Except for the Mathews/Bowtech comment...

    Confidence, how well you shoot, confidence, how well you shoot, elevation above the shot, confidence, how well you estimate distance, confidence....

    In the early 2005 season I saw with my own eyes a friend who shot a bedding doe at about 45 yards dead as a door nail. Arrow thought the heart and any other organs. We were walking down a trail from a morning stand sitting and this gal was just 'sitting' there. He knocked an arrow and let it fly. Bam, blood everywhere and a dead doe.

    So, practice and patience and confidence makes a heck of a package when you bowhunt. I saw that myself and it was a learning experience.

  9. bullspotter

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    ummm tough subject..... im one of the BAD guys that likes the far shots, but only if every thing is right, my furthest kill on a deer is 53 and 72 on my elk. the deer went about 30-40 yards and fell over dead right infront of my eyes, the elk walked over a small hill, was a good hit though, so ran over their cause i didnt want him out of my sight, and he was standing about 55 yards broadside, so i gavem anouther 1. both animals were absolute broadside, and were looking the other way, and i got them with the range finder. I was 100% confidant i could get a leathel hit so i took the shot. It depends on your ability and what the animal is doing, If its looking right at you, i wouldnt shoot at it at 15 yards, whitetail deer, i learned not to shoot if they seem spooked, or timid and are looking around alot and seem skiddish, Best shot on one of them is when they have their head down and feeding. Bad things happen more often at long yardages,(more things can go wrong) animal moves, you flinch the shot, harder to hit at far yardages, but they can happen at close ones to. I missed a bull elk last season at about 45, first off, i was way to excited, cause it was so unexpected, was in my spot hidin in some weeds, he was pry 80 or so yards coming right at me, then he started running around and was actin crazy, i was like what the heck.... so i kinda peek up over the bush, and their was a second bull with a few cows about 40 yards from me, the hurd bull was guardin his cows from the bull i was watching, didnt even see him cause i was so into hidin and watchin the other bull. I was like HS, ranged the 2nd bull, drew back stood up, right as my bow went off, he turned and no good for me......he was looking right at me, I should have never taken the shot, I should have waited for one of them to GIVE me a shot insted of trying to force a shot and gitting seen. i was way to excited, and the elk were way to wound. If only he hadnt moved........... IF IF But i cant blame him as it was my fault, Ive done lots of elk hunting and should have known not to do what i did, but things start to happen verry fast sometimes. You get excited, anxious, your heart beats so hard it makes your eyes blink.... and things go wrong... I didnt wound him so in the end it all worked out....... sorta.... i was kinda pissy for a while... The more you do it, the more you will learn. Just stay with in your comfort zone, pick good shots, be smart and smooth and it will happen, Its a great feeling to take your first animal with archery equipment!!! Welcome to bow hunting!!!
  10. Dredly

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    lemme give you some suggestions...

    with your pins that close you won't be able to see between them and you will gain nothing by using all the pins. remove 2 and sight in at 20 - 30 - 40.

    If you are comfortable shooting out to 40 then shoot to 40. at 40 I can put 100% of my arrows in a 5 inch circle (normally closer then that) so i'm comfortable shooting out to 40 yards and with the speed my arrow is going the deer will still be dead before it knows it was hit.

    I don't shoot past 40 though as the further out you go the more things that can go wrong (wind, tree branches, deer movement...)
  11. Baraboohunter

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    I would have to go with a 3 pin or less for hunting, sometimes your pins can get blury and hard to see especially if they are close together. But if your target shooting i would go with a 4 pin. basically whatever you are comfortable with. personally i only need one pin with the sure lock series
  12. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    what ever your comfortable with is the correct answer.
    not what me or anyone else is comfortable with.
    I set 1 pin at 28yd's& shoot out to 40yd's/4inch's high at 5yd's&4inch's low at 40,most shot's around 10 to 15yd's but im 25feet high.
    longest shot 52yd's on a bobcat but i wouldnt take it on somethin i wanted to eat.:laugh: ,like i said what ever your comfortable with on live animal's not target's there's a difference you will find out they move.:biggrin1:
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