Saved a deer last night!!

Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by bullspotter, May 4, 2006.

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    Were out looking for cars and came across a yearling whitetail doe who had her back leg cought up in a barbed wire fence, so i decide i need to help her out, after thinkin about what to do, i decided to go ahead and start cutting the wire, so got the cutters and headed out to the fence, deer was cought in the top 2 strands, looks like it jumped a bit short and its leg went in between the top 2 lines of wire, when the deer went over the fence, it twisted the wire in a x and pinched its leg about 8 inches above its hoof, as i was up their about 4 or so feet from the deer, which i might add wasnt happy with me being so close, she kinda pushed back away and then jumped forward, and the wire released its leg, didnt seem like it was hurt to bad, it just kinda gently troted off across the raod. was limping abit, but didnt have a broken leg or anything, It would have died their for sure without some one helping it im sure, anways i felt pretty good about the turnout, we both got away. i was somewhat worried about how bad she was going to kick the hoo ha out of me trying to help her, but it couldnt have gone any better!! I thought it was pretty cool!!
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    That's really cool. A guy I used to work with had the same thing happen to his wife. Big doe caught in the fence so she went out to help. She got he deer loose and it gave her one swift kick in the leg as it was leaving and left a giant bruise. Not much of a thank you from Bambi's mom.:biggrin1:

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    :peace: Very good show bullspotter. That sounds so cool to help her out like that. That is a very special meeting you had there.