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  1. Ronhop

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    I have not used a scent or lure before.
    I was at the shop today and was eyeing some stuff:

    Tinks Doe-P
    Wild Fire Moon Fire
    Tinks Doe Estrous (obvious on that one)

    And a ton of other stuff I can't remember.

    What are you're experiences with any of that and how did you set it up ?

    I never used any of it it, never really needed to or even wanted to but since I'm hunting primarily public land now it might make sense to at least check it out.

    I have a clean slate for this season and my past patterns are not in my reach any longer.

  2. kbohunt

    kbohunt are u a fat boy?


    I use scents and have been for as long as ive been bowhuntin:30years
    Now theres a time to use different ones at different times.
    Sat when i went out and had deer all around me i used scent waffers:1 on my hat and 1 on my sholder.
    I sprayed :Earth scent eleminator spray all over my pac,face,hat,pants & the truck.
    I also moved about 500yds from the truck and pulled out my:Tinks silver vixon,fox urine which i keep in a gallon zip-lock bag and doused my boots in it.
    This time of year thats all i use.

    After about Oct,20 i start useing Tinks 69 doe in estrious scent on a rag with a lead of 6ft of dental flose.
    And 2- 35mm film canisters with cotton with this in them.
    I move out of sight of my truck about 200yds and pull the drag,rag out of a zip-lock put on fresh doe pee and drag it past my stand,hang it up where i want the shot,About 15yds and 3ft off the ground.
    Then i open the scent bombs (film canisters) And set them up and down wind of my position about 20yds out.
    This is all i do with store bought scent.
    I use buck lure to (got some fresh) waitin to put it out!:lol:
    Ron your just gonna have ta take a trip,ta see all the tricks i do,to much ta list!:laugh:

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    I've used the moon fire from wildlife research co. it didn't seem to do anything really. the buck that I shot paid no attention to the wick I set out. But I guess if it masked my scent thats good enough for me...hes in the freezer! I've also used plain doe urine and estrus, both seem to work well for attracting buck during the rut. use a drag rag if you can. good luck!
  4. IChim2

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    I have never bought sent attractents..but i do use Fresh earth spray/bar soap and All my hunting gear hangs on a line out back.One thing i do though is anytime i take a doe is to becareful field dressing her and i emty her urine into a small eye dropper type bottle(2 or 3 if there's enough urine).I also cut off her sent glands and put them in a zip lock sandwhich bag.One of the best things i've ever used.
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    chim, there isnt nothing better =]
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    You got anything yet....Our weather is now changing and the heat is history.Starting tonight the lows in the 40's and daytime highs in the 60's..:amen: Starting tomorrow it's back to hunting.:biggrin1: