Scott silverhorn or wildcat advice

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by gamegeekky, Oct 28, 2006.

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    I've just gotten back into bowhunting a few months ago after quitting in the late 80s. I've been using a Scott caliper with the black plastic hand grip but I'd like a new strap on.

    At my local bowshop the guy recommended a Scott Silverhorn. My question is are they good to use while hunting? Right now, when I see a deer approaching I clip my release on and sit there waiting for the deer. The Wildcat would be the same thing. On the Silverhorn I'm concerned that I might accidently unclip the release from the loop while waiting for a deer. Is this really a concern? I know that a lot of people recommend the Silverhorn because you can quickly clip it to the loop but my experience in the treestand has mostly been that I see deer ahead of time and then wait on them to come to me.

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  2. Frank

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    gamegeekky, I just purchased a silverhorn with buckle strap ncs, I think its real slick nice release on the string. As for wories of coming off the d-loop I have none becuase when you are ready for the target to come in range I'm preparing to pull back the string for the shot , so I have a little pull presure on the string plus it is kinda hooked. Seems to be very solid. When you pull the trigger it kinda hook kinda rolls very smooth. This is all just my oppinion. What do I know I'm just barley replacing my trophy release.
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    I have the wildcat.
    Shot 3 turkeys and a deer this year.
    Has not issues with it coming off early.
    Yoo get in the habit of putting yourr finger behind the trigger on any trigger release. You wont accidently unclip the release. Trust me.