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    Hello, Bow deer season starts around the 2nd week of September here in GA. I'm stationed at Ft. Benning which is 185,000 acres of land about 160,000 you can hunt on or something like that its big. I'm trying to figure out when to start scouting for bow season. This is my first season ever where I have to scout so kind lost got 1 feeder, 1 camera and should be investing in more. Ft Benning also has food plots with all the minerals in certain hunting compartments any adivce or website would be much appreciated.
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    I would say ASAP,you dont have long to go,if you have a game cams might help too.topo map would help also...see if you can find food source and water some galssing...funnels ect..........:rockon::welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

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    My work schedule in recent years keeps me out of the country for large portions of time throughout the year but I'll go scout anytime I have some free time. The most serious hunters I know consider scouting a year round activity. Basically, it's never a bad time to scout.
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    A topo map would be handy you can find all the northside areas for am hunting as it will be hot in Ga and tha deer are gonna be looking for some relief from tha heat as they choose a bedding site
    then find tha feed source such as tha foos plot and then tha trails to tha bedding areas
    you can take you stand in and set up asnd look for them to move in or out of these areas
    when you find a lot of droppings you will most likely be near a bedding area as they will defficate on the way to tha bedding are .
    oh and welcome to tha site and good hunting Sm:smokin:kes:welcome: