SELLING 2004 Bowtech Blackhawk, RH, 70 lb

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    SELLING 2004 Bowtech Blackhawk, RH, 70 lb, FREE SHIPPING

    My shoulders will no longer let me use 70 lb bows pain-free anymore so this little-used, right-handed, camo 2004 Bowtech Black hawk must go. String and cables look new, and the bow only shows minor signs of accessory mounting. This model is most likely the shortest, lightest and fastest if you combine all 3 attributes. Birth certificate IBO speed for this 2.8 lb bow was 316 fps (70 lb w/ 29" draw), and its real-world chrono speed for a 465 grain arrow with all accessories on the string/bow (70 lb w/ 30" draw) was 258 fps. I'm including both 29" and 30" modules. The ATA is 28 7/8", Brace Ht is 8", and the Infinity Cam allows the Let Off to be user-adjustable from 65% to 80% easily. I will sell it stock (no after-market accessories except the in-string Fletcher Tru-Peep w/ 3/16" hole) for $315 shipped insured to your door in the lower 48. Pictures (sorry pic quality is not as good as the bow is) are available upon request. If you want the QS B2 Whisker Biscuit rest, teflon cable slide and Ultra Nok II as shown in the pics, the shipped insured to your door price is $355. I accept cash and credit cards through PayPal, checks and money orders.
    Contact Bill: [email protected]
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    RE: 04 BowTech BlackHawk Rh 70lb

    Please let me know if this bow is available. Thanks