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    Hi I can't seem to find out much about setting up arrows for shooting spots . I have posted on other sites and it does not seem to be a very popular subject. I am shooting X7 @ 43# 2512 -30inch long with 200 gr tips with a 28inch draw--------that's why the arrows are so long and tips so heavy ( for spine) I got a little imfo on AT----
    I thought maybe I could some tec. help here.

    I might have put this the wrong place.

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    LeftPa, what type of information are you looking for. I like your setup for shooting spots. 2613 would be a little better because the .12 wall is pretty thin and you will end up with bent arrows. Check them often.
    Most indoor shooters have a lot of weight in the tips. I have seen everything from 100gr to 300+gr in the tips.