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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by bryce52, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. bryce52

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    Does shoot thru mesh interfere with shot placement at all?
  2. Pinky

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    Personally, I would not trust shooting thru anything but air. I shoot a fixed blade broadhead, and have never tested them thru the mesh. They may fly fine, but, I have not tested it.

    I would suggest setting up your blind and testing a few shots, with your practice broadheads, shooting thru the mesh before you go afield.

    A good friend missed 2 turkeys last season because he was shooting mechanical broadheads thru the mesh. They opened upon impacting the mesh, and flew well off the birds.

    Test it. And, let us know.

  3. 383bull

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    I have a double bull 360 matrix blind, I have shot three turkeys out of it, two through the mesh, I hit right where I aimed on both birds. I did however shoot multiple practice shots through it first. You have to make sure the mesh is fairly tight, you should also try to shoot straight through it, try to avoid angles, and you should also use fixed blade heads, I did try a mechanical and it also opened early but double says not to shoot mechanicals in their video, now I know why, but I have had nothing but good luck with the fixed blades.
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    Gonna do it....

    I will be with a shooting partner on thursday in a good spot.We will be after both deer and turkey,I am using a fixed if I shoot through the mesh.
    We might have to give the guiateen a whirl,obviously not shooting through the mesh.....
    If you do shoot through the mesh I was told the tighter it is the better.Some of these guys are shooting out to 35 yards in there videos with no problems.I have seen a few misses,as well,but.
    I would say that for turkey hunting....this is a must have.I have a hard time getting them from the stand with a bow.If they had a nose,you would probably never shoot one,especially in the fall.
    I am looking for the ten yarder if it presents itself.
    I have taken a nice buck on the ground before,I like to say it is a higher percentage rate to do some vitals in,plus it simply put is a awesome exciting hunting experience because your at eye level.I have been able to almost pluck eyebrows it seems before off curious does.
    It almost makes you bust out in laughter at times because of the things that can happen and can be a real lot of fun hunting.