Shot first 3D for score today.. fun.

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    My first 3D for score, and my second 3D ever.
    Blue Stakes

    Here is an X-Ring (11 on todays card) and then my Dads match.
    Funny thing was, both arrows were mine.
    I had some lighter arrows from last year and my Dad went down on his pounage this year and so I gave him mine when I got my new bow and package deal arrows. So, this robinhood cost me around $20.00... hehe.


    And a wolf from 35 yds, where I almost do the same to my brothers.
    I did not take many pics, but the wolf was a neat one even though it is not 10-ring shot.


    We shot in the last qtr of people and when we left, hunter class, we were ranked 2,3, and 4. My ranging needs some serious work. I wont be out to Orange stakes for a long, long time.