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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by IAHunter11, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I know this isn't the ideal place for a shotgun question but I will ask anyway.. I am thining about getting a rifled barrel or rifled choke tube.. I would assume that the whole barrel would have better performance than just the tube.. But is the performance enough difference to justify the cost differance?? The barrel I am looking at is $169. and the tube is $34.95. will the rifled tube help my accurancy a lot over the moddified choke I have now or am I better off just buying the barrel??? Thanks for the help Steven
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    i have a rifled barrel and that is what i would suggest if you get a rifled barrel then you can shoot rifled slugs they are extreamly accurate but cost alot more that plain old slugs about 17 dollars a box i shoot the Hornady sst slugs about 10 dollars a box if you want to shoot longer distances and have better accuracy this is what i suggest

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    i also have a fully rifled barrel on my remington 870, and i love it. i took the standard sights off and added some finer fiber optic sights. i just shoot the cheaper federal slugs through it, not the sabots, and it will shoot nice groups at 100 yards, ive never had any trouble killing deer with one or two shots as long as the deer is standing still and i can take my time aiming. my cousin had a slug choke for his 1187 and didnt have as much luck, but i dont know if you can place the blame on the choke, or if it was just a difference in the way he shot, as it was his first deer season.

    overall, the way i see it is that the fully rifled barrel is more expensive, but its a one time expense and i think it will help you a lot.

    Good Luck!
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    I would go ahead and buy the rifled barrel...

    But remember you shoot sabot slugs out of a rifled barrel not rifled slugs...
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    I had both and also say get the rifled barrel if your looking for a tack driver. I would also recommened one with a cantilever barrel and put a scope on it and you'll extend your accuracy and range out to 200 yards with good sabots and some practice- and a good rest! When we drive deer i can just throw the bird barrel on it then, accuracy goes out the door at freehanding a gun on running deer, lol!
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    My post exactly.:rockon: Good post 88.:peace: