Sights: What pin size is best ?

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    I'm going to get a Spot Hogg Real Deal.
    What size pins are the best, my eye sight could be better
    If I get the .29 can I change it to .19 later by just changing the fiber size ?
    Or if I get the .19 can I change it to .29 later by just changing the fiber size ?

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I use .019 for everything and would like to try the smaller pins now available...

  3. it depends

    It depends on what you are doin,are you just hunting or are you tournament or both:noidea: if your just hunting .029 is better becuase it brings in more light when it gets darker if your just shooting 3d then the smaller the better becuase your pin wont cover that tiny 12 ring from futher away. you could get the .019 or the for hunting but i would get a sight light for them that way you will see them really good in the field at dawn. i like the .019 might start useing .010 :noidea: :decision: i dont know yet. you could get the .029 and get some extra .019 pins for tornaments when the season ends.and then just put the pins you want in for what your doin. you dont really want to change just the fibers thats a the extra pins its easyer and faster. i hope this helps you good luck with your decision.:rockon:
    Pins for the Hogg-It, Hunter, Real Deal, Right On, Seven Deadly Pins and Barebones are all interchangeable. Available pins are: .019 fiber optic, .029 fiber optic, .039 fiber optic, and .045 aluminum pin.
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    I just bought one of the viper predator sights last year and it has the .19 pins. I love it and use it for both 3d and hunting. The pins are very bright even at low dusk. No light needed at all. I use to shoot .29 pins but I personally like the .19 pins better. It's what feels better to you.
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    I have a Trophy Ridge Rhino with .019 pins, which replaced a Cobra Electra-Slide sight with a .029 pin. I love the .019 fiber size but I did replace the fiber with longer fiber from Fitzfiber since I did not like the original brightness. I ran the new fiber inside of a piece of fish tank tubing and fastened the tubing to the side of the sight with miniature screw down cable clamps. The new fiber is at least twice the brightness of the stock setup. Throphy Ridge fixed that problem with the later generation of the sight I have.

    We did do an experiment with putting .019 fiber into a .029 pin and it worked OK, not great, but just OK. The problem is centering the fiber left to right inside the pin. Elevation is no problem since you can adjust the pin later but windage is an issue since you can't adjust individual pin windage to compensate for the mis-centered fiber. I think a better solution would be to buy the correct pin size for the fiber you wish to use. The pins are generally not expensive.

    Just my 2 cents.

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