Silver Flame 8 pt. whitetail

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    Arrived at my stand this morning at 0555 hrs.This would be my first hunt at this spot since securing permission from the land owner 3 days ago.I spent the first two days scouting it out before putting my stand up at this mornings location.The area shows lots of deer sign,rubs,scrapes are everywhere.After getting in my tree I start to see deer at about 0620 hrs.,two does about 80 yards off in front of me on a hillside.Eventually three more slickheads approach my stand and start feeding around me at about 5 yards.I then hear the sound of more deer approaching from my left and soon five more deer(baldies) are feeding on acorns around me.I start thinking "good spot",but where are the bucks that are leaving all this sign?Then about 45 minutes to an hour later I hear the tell tale sound of a buck grunting and coming up the hill directly behind me.Soon I see it,a nice 8 pt.,walking and grunting with every step.The buck angles to my left and is heading for a scrape when I stop it with a mouth grunt.I settled the green pin on its side and sent one through the boiler room.The deer mule kicked ran about 20 yards to a old wire fence where it then crosssed and slowed to a walk.Once through the fence the buck only made it about another 5 yards before piling up.The shot distance was twelve yards.I killed the deer with my "Crackerized" Pearson Edge set at [email protected]"shooting CX 250 maxima hunters guided by 3 blazer vanes and tipped with a 100 gr. Silver Flame broadhead.Total arrow weight is 366 gr.with a chrono speed of 286 fps.The Silver Flame blew through the buck and buried 14" into the dirt on the off side after taking out both lungs.The deer is a good 8 pt.that dressed out at 186 lbs.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    nice deer there rut hope you enjoyed the day.....

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    Hey Rut, two words ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL, Holy Smokes
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    Very nice Deer. Congrats!!!!
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    nice deer, congrats:rockon:
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    Nice deer, good job.