Single vs. dual/binary cams

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    What are the actual or supposed differences between single and dual cam bows? I haven't been able to find much objective information on the subject, save for a few forums. From what I've been able to gather, single-cams are a little smoother on the draw and maybe a bit quieter, while dual cams are a bit faster. But...

    I shoot a Hoyt Defiant single with 10 year old technology. It's smooth and quiet, for sure, and back in the day it was probably a screamer at 265 fps (that's me, not IBO). I've also shot a friend's Matthews Switchback and some Bowtechs at my local shop. I thought the Bowtech Allegiance was darn near as smooth to draw as mine and way better than the Switchback. It's also scary quiet. And at 320+ fps, it's plenty fast. So I'm left thinking that there aren't many, if any, inherent advantages to either style.

    What do you folks think?
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    You are correct. A binary cam bow will store more energy and be faster than a single cam. There is a difference in the smoothness of the tow also. How much difference depends on the bow and who you talk to.

    I love my 82nd Airborne and it is smooth. The Mathews DXT that I shot the day that I bough my 82nd. Was it any smoother? No. It was a different draw curve all the way around, but not any smoother. The 82nd is way faster and no competition. The reason that I went with the 82nd was that I can pull only 60 lbs and out perform the DXT at 70 lbs.

    Here is a good article on bows and the differences in them.

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    Good article,Thanks Scott...
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    Here's my thoughts after more years of shooting then most have been breathing:laugh: I've shot everything from a homemade recurve on up And tried every type of compound I think there is lol.I pure do enjoy my Bowtech Allegiance because I DO NOT ever ever have to retune it,mess with it twist this, twist that. It's bout average to draw back.It is silly fast and I can hit whatever I aim at consistently. That is the advantage of the Bi-cams over the other styles.Not going to set here and slam Mathews cause they are one sweet bow,but lets be honest,the handle sucks and how often do you have to put in or take out a twist in that longgggggggggggggg string to keep those two little holes lined up?? Cam n 1/2 ???:noidea: I went nuts trying to set them things right even with a lot of help from some might smart people online and then a string or cable stretch and you start all over:doh: . Bi-cams is the way to go
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    +1 having owned a mathews product in the past...I love my binaries!:D