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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by sweet old bill, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. sweet old bill

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    We have some people on this site that have great skill level of how to:

    set up a bow - nock-peep-d-loop-sight
    change cables or stings
    how to practice
    what arrows to use

    Can they start discussions on how they do these tasks so that members like me can take avantage of there skills and use this site as a learning

  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    I'm sure if you ask specific questions they will be more than happy to answer.

  3. Holy Smokes

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    Yeah we are sittin' here just waiyin' ta share our knowledge of tha archery world. .:nerd::wave:
    Good question. this is not a hijackin' attemp Flash This not an hijackin attemp.
    How many years total of archery, hunting have we here in this fornm

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!


    we are patiently waiting

    give it time it will come, I think.........
  5. bfisher

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    If I can count correctly (old and feeble) this is my 35th year in archery. Mostly hunting, but a lot of field archery and indoor target back in the 70's. Mostly 3D for the last 18 years.

    Never had a bow in shop all those years. Do all my own work and am hardly ever done tinkering. I don't know everything as this is a constantly evolving sport.

    I'll be lurking!!!!!!!

  6. Wheely

    Wheely Wheely Threads

    Maybe you should ask, What IS everyone's skill level before taking advice :laugh: :laugh:
    Archery is an Art not a Science :peace:
  7. chelleo

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    I have been actively involved since February 2007 and have done an immense amount of study in this time. There are many people out there with very sound advice and information and lots of good and bad intel.

    I think one of the things people do get messed up on is choosing the right arrows...myself included. I have found that just using the arrow companies charts to choose an arrow is definitely NOT the be all and end all. The charts do not take into consideration several other factors that make a difference in the way an arrow will behave. I invested my $49 and got the software program Archer's Advantage and it has been a lifesaver for me but even at that end I still messed up and took my pro shops advice on getting some arrows and I should have payed attention to my own knowledge and NOT gotten them. They are sitting in my house gathering dust now.
  8. Slippy

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    Hell, a couple years back, I was afraid to even mount my own sights. If someone asked me two years ago what a riser was I would have said: That platform short people stand on during my church choir practice. :frusty:

    But with the help of some of the fine folks here and on other informative archery websites, I've started to learn a lot although I am definitely not qualified to work on bows in all aspect by any means. I just learned last week that my Rytera B-X doesn't require a press to work on which is pretty sweet but backing those limb bolts out that far still scares me but I've done it 3 times to perfection so far.
  9. Pinwheel1969

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    Man!!! Thats scarey!! Sounds like me. I do all my own work in my custom shop in my basement. Just got my new sure-loc press and my apple saw replaced last year. plus 1 doz bitz. jigs on a swivel table hooked to a variable speed motor. So I can fletch alot of arrows if I needto. Plus a section in my basement for test and tune on my easton mapping system. I spend most of my nights w/ the kids in the basement tinkering..
  10. QSA

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    If I told you all the truth you all would laugh. I have been shooting for about 1 and 1/4 years. I am the kind of guy that wants to know who some thing works and why so I look and study it. learn it work it over, tar it apart, rebuild it, refine it. Build my own. So what I know is from reading and doing. I think I can do any of it. I am about to start trying string build for myself.
    So the Quick Stand is just one of my inprovemnets and I have a lot of then in my little book to work on.