Skull and crossbone limb dampeners

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    Made these by hand and they work super good!! I made a clay sculpture and gave that to a 3d guy who made a digital thing and then I had it printed and then I made a mold and did some studies on rubber and its dampening properties and some research on bows and their frequencies and came up with what may be the best darn dampener ever. I did some tests against the top names in limb damping, and these outperformed all others by a long shot! I will video the tests and put them on youtube so yall can see.
    I have had several people ask me to make them some,and everybody loves them. Anybody have any ideas to share on what I should make next? send me an email [email protected] 2017-02-07 07.07.38.jpg 2017-02-10 16.35.23.jpg IMG_1248.jpg FullSizeRender.jpg damper install.jpg damper insall.jpg damper insall4.JPG
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