Slicktricks and g5Tekan expandables

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by glenny, Sep 17, 2004.

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    Well I have been trying to get this experimenting out of the way for this year....but I already setup my ground blind
    So far I have shot these two at 30 yards with absolute happiness on my mind.Perfect Flight....
    I do have a question about the shoot through netting on the ground blinds,and....
    Is it really effecting the shotout past 20 bad or what?Should I compensate for 30 yards a little?
    I got the slicktricks just for the blind,will the netting open up the tekans or should I not worry about it? I am...But I guess I sould just rack one off throuh it just to see or what.
    I just don't feel I should be messing around in my honeyhole either.
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    G5 Tekan expandables

    You may want to find out how these are classified. A lot of people are saying they are a barbed broadhead. If I am not mistaken, are illegal in Ill. Just something you may want to look into.

  3. glenny

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    Tekan expandables considered barbed?

    You got to be joking right?
    Broadheads such as these are barbless,they are expandable cut on impact with rearward-sliding blades that are deployed,not fixed.Steel expandables are legal here in Illinios.
    I know some restrictions are in order for wildlife protection jeffro.
    I can if you want break a leg so you can be a disabled hunter and get a 190-200 class buck in RockCut state park this year,but don't tell me I can't use these in Illinios because the Tekans are barbed.
    A antlered deer is more than 3" in length.
    You might want to make sure you put the right tag in the right place this year.
    You will see what flys out of our groundblind,you can video me and put me away in the slammer if your right.
    You got a climber?
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    Tekans are legal in IL(NOT considered barbed.)

    Some people started a rumor on archerytalk that they were barbed and alot of people got influenced by it being a legality matter.
    I found out differently.
    My freind shot a doe two days in Wisconsin and it did the job extremely well.It drilled through a rib and came out through the fatty under side through both lungs.He said when he went to gut her out,her lung was almost torn 3/4 of the way apart.she had filled up and went 100 or so yards I guess.
    He said that if you make a quartering away shot on any deer and put it in there these broadheads make sure 100% that the are done for.
    I was excited to here this.....
    And can't wait for more imput on these as hunting season progresses.
    Not too long and I will be a hunting fool here.
  5. glenny

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    There is still the legality factor on these presently

    I have the whole DNR staff giving me input hopefully today on this barbed issue.
    I guess there are some officers who feel they are barbed and will be handing out tickets.
    I also know that the G5 company claimed they were legal in this state to a guy and told him to use em.
    So,I contacted g5,and hopefully I can get there point of veiw as well,myself.
    If the sargeantcaptain tells me I can use these I will...The law is the law.
    I will let you know what comes of all of this onceand for all before the hunting season starts.