Small game Tourney ?

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    I have thought about this on and off for a couple of years and it's as good a time to bring it up as any since big game seasons are mostly over.

    I'd like to see a friendly competition between a handful of sites and members of those sites.


    I posted the above on 8 sites today with the idea for a site hunting competition and so far it's gotten takers from every site :)
    Looks like it is going to be a go :-*

    Sign up here and I will write up the rules tonight and post them.

    This is gonna be fun :cool:


    Feel free to copy the post and put it on your favorite sites to get this thing going :(

    Here are the trophies :)



    Here are the rules :

    1: Two day event with entry deadline for posting of picture at 8:00 PM on the last day of the two day tourney.

    2: Small game takes must have the assigned color (to be announced ) in the photo and beside the quarry entered.
    (Multiple pictures allowed)

    3: Entries may be posted on any site with a link back to the competing sites same thread.
    (This will be done once all teams have been established)

    4: No entry fee. Prizes will only be shipped within the lower 48 U.S. States.

    5: Archery only (honor system)


    SCORE SYSTEM : (based on difficulty)

    Rabbit 5 points
    Squirrel 7 points
    Raccoon/Possum 10 points (or other nocturnal varmint)
    Bird 12 point ( legal game birds)
    Canine 20 points (wild....not your neighbors dog)

    unlimited member participation
    Total score for each site will be divided by the entrants for an average in order to ensure a fair and even playing field for all

    Start date January 26th at sunrise
    End date January 27th at dusk

    all entries must be submitted by 8PM on the 27th


    Teams : (so far)
    Bowcountry tekanators

    Archersedge Reapers

    Mathews ( Team name to be announced )


    Look forward to seeing you in the battle :cool:
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    :laugh: I joined the deer contest on here this past season and had the worst season ever....can't remember the last time i hunted so hard and put less in the freezer.I think joining was bad luck for me....good luck though and welcome.:wave: