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Discussion in 'Beginners Archery Range' started by khel, Nov 12, 2007.

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    Well, I'm in the process of getting my first compound (ovation), but as it is, I know next to nothing about maintenance and care - can someone point me in the right direction?

    Also, I've noticed, that a lot of bows are sold with extra set of limbs.
    Why is that? Do limbs break that often? Or is it just for changing poundage? And do I need some special tools to take the bow apart if I have a need?

    And one more question what is "string loop" used for??

    All those things are very confusing for a "stick and string" shooter :)

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    You need a Bow Press to take a compund bow apart. They come in several different designs. A string loop or "D loop" as some call it is an extra loop of string at the nocking point on the bowstring. its to hook your release on if you choose. Some use them some don't. As far as extra limbs, Well they shouldn't really ever break, but I would imagine that their probablly just to change the poundage, Not real sure on that one. Hope that helps! Good luck.:D

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    for one. take your bow to get a tune and lube at a pro-shop. so you can see whats all involved. the extra set of limbs are usually for different poundages. They will send 60# and 70# limbs most of the time. The Ovation is a real good bow!!! If I'm not mistaken you have to get new cams for draw length changes. Dont quote me on it!! Make sure you get correct draw if it is..
    go over stings and cables very well . Look for seperation and bunched up areas in serving. Could mean broken strands in them. Which is not a good thing. Your going to want to wax your string alot to. I usually wax my string every time I shoot. Mathews hasn had issues with limbs in a very long time. But checking them for splinters and cracks is always a good thing. doesnt mean that the bow wasnt mistreated in the past to. Good luck and have fun!!