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Discussion in 'Offtopic' started by IChim2, Nov 4, 2007.

  1. IChim2

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    Was setting around talking the other evening about how the world has changed and we started talking about how much fun we had when (we) were teens...there's a lot of things i miss and if there's any thing you miss...feel free to post it.
    I had a few cool cars i wish i still had..a 65 chevelle ss,64 chevy ss..i miss setting around on the school fence before school started in bell bootom jeans/white t shirts and the famous penny/nickle loafer's shooting the bull and checking out the cute girls in mini skirts as they walked buy....back than we didn't have a lot of silly rules and at lunch we'd walk down to the local taveren and shoot a game of snooker/pool.You didn't have all the meaningless things that kids have now adays and good times ment hanging with good friends.I played 6 yr's basketball/football and i really miss that.Good music was on the radio...the doors,steppinwolf,ccr,moody blues,bob seger and the list go's kids nowadays have no idea what they missed.
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    I miss the part of not worrying about paying the bills. I miss when our toughest decision was are we gonna play baseball, football, basketball or frisbee. You sure don't realize how good ya got it when your a kid till ya get all grown up and then ya gotta start bein an adult.


    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I MISSED raising rabbits, and being active in 4H.......As you all know I changed that!!!!!!
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    I wouldn't trade my two daughters for anything in the world but the lifestyle before kids where you could do what you wanted to at the drop of a hat. It's funny how you thought you were always busy before you had kids. I don't know what I did with my time.
  5. brokenarrow

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    I miss having free time...
    I always feel like I'm rushing around to get stuff done, No time to just kick back anymore...
  6. bullspotter

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    Same here, also same as clover&oats and also Brokenarrow. Lifes not bad, but nothing like it was as a youngster, no bills, no laundry, no cooking..... and now i have to buy all my own hunting gear.......
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    I miss the freedom I had. when I was in my teens no one had their land posted. you could hunt or fish any were you wanted to. a lot of times you would be on land were you had help put up hay or helped build a barn. neighbors would help each other then. now a lot of farms have been bought by out of staters and posted. which is their right.