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    I'll keep this general, because my luck the guy will read the thread. :doh:

    Was shooting the other day at the shop and this guy comes in to buy a new a bow. After talking with the guy at the shop he chooses the Drenalin. Now I know that's odd, but that's not what this thread is about. I here him telling the shop guy that he needs to buy a new sight rest etc. Now this guy had another bow that everything on it (sight, rest etc.) He just didn't know that you could switch them over. :noidea:

    What's the craziest thing that you have observed at your shop?
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    Say a guy flip out because he needed 2 arrows made. 15 min. before the store closes and he wants this done. They told him he could get them the next day, and he went NUTZ!!! He said gas cost too much to have to come back. He lives 10 min. away. To boot it wasn't even spring turkey for 2 weeks. Have met several times since, the man needs mental help!:noidea:

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    Maybe the guy wanted new sights, rest, and accessories? I know I want just about everything new on a new bow, even if it is identical to what's on the old equipment. If I've been shooting the hell out of one for a couple years, threads get stripped, screws rust, springs weaken and lose tension, things loosen in general, ect. The guy may have been dissatisfied with what he had, and wanted things different, or new out of the box, and here was the chance to start with the things he saw on other bows and liked.
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    Not the case here. I was just using this as an example to see what odd things other people have seen in the archery shops. Not making fun of the guy by any means. I was just a little shocked at what he said.
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    I was just about to tell you I have9 bows here that all are set up. And I have a lot of xtras laying around just wait to find the good deal on a bow. I have a monster bow on it's way also.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I have a general one and a NOT SO GENERAL ONE............

    General.......guys who want Camo shafts and bright fletchings:doh:

    NOT SO GENERAL.....guy comes in the day before hunting season and tells me you gotta get this site off of of my bow, hunting season is tomorow and I wont have time to AIM, with a site....:doh:

    the next afternoon he came in w/a really nice bear he had killed.....:noidea:
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    Who would want to put nasty old equip on a nice new Drenalin????
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    I had a guy show up on opening day of the bow season for a problem with his Mathews bow, he had a bent cam, It fell from a treestand he said. Well I am open from 11am to 2 pm and after dark on bow season. So he shows up at a little after 11am, I look the bow over and find the problem of why he can no longer draw the bow. He says can you replace it, I tell him no I do not have a cam in spock for his bow, but will call the nearest Mathews dealer that I know and see if he can help. I did and found they had a cam in his draw length for his model bow, get on my computer and got him driving directs to the shop, a little over a hour drive...Now I did not expect any fee for my help, but I did take a little over a hour working with him to resolve his problem. I did ask him since he was staying in the area to call back and let me know how he made out. But I never got the call or even a thank you. Guess who shows up the next year opening day with a drop a waya rest that he broke the string on the rest to his same Mathews bow. I did fix the problem but also made sure he was aware of the price tag up front.
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    I don't work at a shop, but talked to a man who had a bow with the cable guard broke off. He didn't want the guard repaired he just wanted the sight shimmed out so it would sight in far enough to the right to match where the arrow hit.:Cry: