Special CWD Season in January

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    This information is supposedly from Doug Dufford of the IL DNR. We are awaiting confirmation on the DNR website. But here are some of the details.

    "There will be a special CWD season to be held during the weekend after the end of archery season. Any unfilled tag appropriate for Winnebago, Boone, McHenry, and Northern Dekalb counties are valid. The restrictions appropriate to the tag other than the season dates (archery tags must use archery equipment, muzzleloader only has to use muzzleloader, Winnebago must hunt in Winnebago, etc) must be adhered to. We will provide a free tag to hunters who bring in a deer for testing so that they can go back into the field if they choose."

    so no you can't use your weapon of choice, only what you currently have tags for.

    I understand this is does/antlerless only.
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    January what through what?

    I wonder?
    We could walk in from your place...?