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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by budilee, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. budilee

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    Does anyone know anything about Speed Pro Max Arrows. i saw them in bow hunters magazine and they claim to be 30 fps faster or more because of lighter weight with stiffer shafts. if i shoot a 250 grain arrow @ 70 lbs i know it will be faster but will i cause damage to my bow. they also shoot 1/2 inch plywood @ 40 yards with a 250 grain speed pro and 450 grain aluminum arrows and the speed pro gets about 9 more inches of penatration and about 3ft less drop. just wondering if its to good to be true or if anyone has tried them. thanks
  2. vonottoexperience

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    Unless your shooting a High Country, you shouldn't shoot less then 5gr. per pound of draw weight..not good for the bow or you.

  3. Sniper

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    Test shot both weights. Got a couple friends who shoot them.
    The 5.5 gr ones are a little too light and fragile for my taste. I see those guys break them way too often in practice. The 6.2 gr ones don't seem to be a problem, and you can get 5 grs/lb without frontloading too much. I'm still thinking about getting a dozen and putting them through the works. I like a fast arrow, and would like to shoot a hundred gr point while still staying as close to 5 gr/lb for hunting.
    I would say get the straightest (most expensive, of course) 6.2 grain ones and go for it. If you go too light, too far below the magic 5 gr/lb number, you feel it in the shot, so go up a bit on the weight until you don't get that "dry fire" feel to the shot. I feel it around 4.6 gr/lb., so I stay around 4.9-5.0 myself all year with no problems. Having a hundred on the end would be great if I could keep it to 5gr/lb.
    My friends get about 30 FPS increases with them, because of the ultralight weight only. That is the only reason they are so fast. They shoot Elite bows and have no problems with the equipment blowing up or feeling funny.
    As for the Ad, who shoots a 450 grain aluminum arrow anyway these days?
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  4. MO.HICK

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    I would not go under the 5 grains per pound for any reason. Why take a chance on doing damage to you expensive bow. Or take a chance on getting hurt. The bow companys have that there for a reason.

  5. Dredly

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    According to HCA they have a way to make the spine stiff enough to make it feel like a heavier arrow... still sounds like an accident waiting to happen to me.

    Unless you are shooting a HCA I would pass on these and get something closer to 5 g/lb
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    I think I hear something ticking.........................oh its that time bomb waiting to explode.:doh:
  7. Sniper

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    Like I said. I would'nt shoot the 5.5 gr ones, but the 6.2 seem safe and doable. Asked a couple other people who used them. same feelings