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    ok, now that i have read and understand what "arrow spine" means and how it effects accuracy, how the heck do i know or find out what the correct spine should be? i dont have the cash flow as of now to even get my bow restrung, my brother in law paid for my hunting liscense with archery tag, so now i really need to get my arse in gear and get this setup correct. i still have 5 of the original arrows that came with his setup, and i know it only takes one shot (if ur good) but i still need practice arrows, and as far as i understand, length of shaft shouldnt really effect the spine, as long as wall thickness and diameter r the same. (correct me if im wrong). i would really like ne thoughts or ideas. ill even have ne seasoned shooters/tradesmen over for a few beers and a few lessons (lessons first please)
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    The length WILL effect the spine for sure. Theirs several arrow selection charts on the net, The charts will tell you what arrows to sellect, you will need to know how long of arrow you need, the draw weight of the bow, and sometimes tip weight and cam style, Might check around at a local archery shop, they will be able to help you, its important to get the right arrows. Several of the arrow makers have charts on the net.

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    Bullspotter is right..arrow spime will change with length
    the shorter the stiffer spine
    the longer your looseing spine
    but dont worrie about all this stuff now if you just wann get out and hunt
    tell us your arrow length and bow poundage:frusty:
    and we will tell ya which alluminum to get if your shooting alluminum
    we have charts :D