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    Does anyone know ways I might be able to get sponsored....I am 14 and am shooting in the 290's for indoor and am good at 3d....I would like to shoot for some sponsors and am going to be shooting the state indoors and the worlds for 3d here in West Virginia.....I would greatly appreciate it if someone could get me some info.....:thumb: :thumb:
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    Having your parents help you with a resume' would be a good start. Send out the resumes to archery manufacturerers that you are interested in representing and shooting for. Hang out at your local archery pro shop, that maybe a good starting point for you also due to the fact that most have staff shooting positions available. Learn as much as you can from you local pro shop dealer and even start helping them out if you can. The more you are there the more they will get to know you as a person. It sounds like you are on the right track and that you enjoy shooting, so keep it up. It's good kids that are involved in archery. :rockon:
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    Find a good local pro shop. Shoot there often as you can and learn from them. However, check around. If a shop has a bad reputation, you do not want to be associated with them. Like my first line says, find a good one.

    Once you do find a good one, tell other shooters about the shop. Ask them if you can help out and that you do not want to be paid. Clean the range, strip arrows, whatever.

    Remember, once you get sponsored you represent them at all times. This means when you are shooting and when you are not. If you get a DUI have an argument with a cop and get arrested, this will reflect poorly on the shop. This is just an example.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    I know its an example but a dui at 14??? I guess stranger things have happened:biggrin1:
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    Getting a co-op shooter program through a local pro-shop is the way to go. gets you in the door. Also, shooting 290 wont really matter to most manufacturers. you will need to start winning some shoots before they notice you. Once you have found a pro-shop that will sponser you. It is easier to get the manufacturers to help you. Because the co-op program helps the proshops out. thats what the companies want. Good luck!!