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Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by firechic, Sep 27, 2007.

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    So I'm trying to spruce up my "somewhat" blind that goes around my ladder stand. They don't make a specific blind for it so I'm actually making my own. I found a 3-D picture wrap from wally world and I'm now going to put strips of leaves around it to make it more 3-D. The problem with the leaves is to me, I don't want them to stick out that bad with the bright yellow, orange and red colors. So my question for you guys is, if I spray paint them, cover them with a scent blocker and then attach them to the stand.. will it still be too much of a smell (from the spay paint)????
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    Get a cheap flat enamel form the dollar store. They have grey, brown, black, etc... Paint some spots and stripes in the different colors and just let it dry. In a few days it don't have a smell. Just let it dry.
    The dollar store paint by me is $1 a can...

    If you want to can then spray it with a mix of distilled water and baking soda.


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    That's why it's in the dollar store...:doh:

    Ron's right just let it dry and it should be fine...:biggrin1:
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    Its Too Late to try this now in my opinion.
    Unless your hunting in nov.
    I painted a climber one year in sept and used it 3 weeks later.
    I got busted on opening day by a big buck and two days later before i relized i held the stand up close and could still smell the paint in the wood platform.
    The leaves may dry faster but stick them up to your nose and if you get atleast a faint smell,I wouldnt use them.
    I took mud and dirt and cover scent and still couldnt use that climber that year.
    The next year it was fine.:biggrin1:
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    That spray paint will carry a oder for a week or more and thats to our nose....probably a lot longer to a deer's nose.I'd nix the paint.