stabilizer lenght and type.

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    Hi guy's this is my fiest time on this forum,i have been reading some great stuff on here,my question is what is a good lenght stabilizer for hunting and target,i own a matews switchback with a 7" bomb stabilizer would a donker D2 12" improve something,does it improve acuraccy, Thankyou.
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    The right Stabilizer..

    Depending on the weight of the bow, keep in mind your stabilizer needs to do three things...take shock out of the bow after the shot, help the bow lean forward after the shot (but not drop it like a rock) and help with left and rights. Your pro shop should have helped you with this. So yes, the right stabilizer will help your accuracy to a degree. Keep in mind your form is the biggest thing.
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  3. Chris

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    My opinion on stabilizers...If you want additional accuracy and not just vibration dampening, you need length and weight. So I would look at something in the 8-12" and at least 8oz.