Stabilizer Length?

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    I've tried asking various archery shop pros and experienced archers the following question and really don't get much of an answer that makes any sense. I've also tried searching the 'net for answers but haven't come up with anything definitive or authoritative. Can anyone help me answer this question?

    This has to do with stabilizers. I understand that just about all stabilizers perform a valuable function of dampening vibration. However, it is also my understanding that a stabilizer can also help to balance a bow much in the same way that a long pole helps to balance a high-wire walker.

    So....the question is: What is the best method for determining the length and weight of a stabilizer? When presented with the myriad of different lengths and weight options on the market, how does one intelligently select the correct stabilizer to balance their bow??

    Thanks in advance.
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    Go to a proshop that has alot of different types or find some buddy's at a Archery club and ask to try some. Unfortunately I don't know of a scientific way to tell you how to start. It all really boils down to personal preferance...:noidea:

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    I borrowed a couple from a buddy to try out. Then talked to Mr. Posten and then came to the conclusion that 24" is the right length for me. I am still fooling around trying to find the perfect weight for the tip.:peace:
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    I think the best way to figure out what stabilizer works best is by trial and error... and it can get expensive.

    I would check out what Jim Posten has on his website, as I think what he describes is good help to figure out the best stabilizer for your needs:
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    Thats a great link, has lots of info that explains the the use of a stabilizer and how to try to find the right on for your rig.