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    For a tournament, how are stabilizers measured? From front of riser or where. Reason I ask, I have a archer's advandage, then a quick release attachment, then my stabilizer. Am I limited to 12" total if shooting hunters class? Also, can I shoot that class with the legs of my archers advantage installed. Makes it nice cause I can stand bow up after the shot, without having to put them on each time.
    Thanks for the help?
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    I guess it depend's on the club your shooting at & the class rules & if they inforce them.
    At the club's i shoot the rule is in the bowhunter class:a stabilizer no longer than 12 inches & sights with no more than 5 fixed pins.
    Also all the clubs i shoot have a web page where you can e-mail the president with question's like your's.
    Hope this helped.:biggrin1:

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    The official measurement is from the back of the riser (which is actually the side the stabilizer screws in) to the end of the stabilizer.
    So if you have a quick release and a 12" stabilizer your setup will be too long for the Hunter class. Any attatchment is included in the measurement, not just the stabilizer.

    Here's how the IBO rule is written:

    Only one stabilizer may be used. The stabilizer shall be no more than twelve inches long, and extend no more than twelve inches from the point of attachment to the bow.
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