stands hung?

Discussion in 'Bowhunting forum' started by Jefro, Aug 19, 2004.

  1. Jefro

    Jefro Guest

    How many have hung there stands already? Do you leave them up year round? 41 days left here in Illinois. :D
  2. Chris

    Chris Administrator Staff Member

    I have 3 stands still out. Don't normally leave them up all year but did this year. Had one I couldn't get to because the land was underwater for quite a while.

  3. glenny

    glenny Guest

    stands to climbers

    I prefer my lonewolf climber to hunt out of more than most of any of my permanent setups.I like the fact of being mobile,and moving even 20 feet sometimes makes it happen.
    It still is a nessesity to clear out debris and shooting lanes no matter how long a stand has been up.
    Trees fall,stuff grows and deer change paths when stuff gets in there way.
    There was alot of water this spring and stuff grew like wildfire to the point I had lost a great shooting lane in one of my permanents,but I gained another because a tree had fallen over right at 15 yards.
    I do know I have one last stand to put up,due to not being able to get it out there bcause of work,but,I will set it in tommorrow with the help of another.
    I might just want to burn up a bottle of scent killer just to be cautious and stay out of it till around halloween.
    I planned on taking a freind or two hunting this year,but they must expect to be hunting out of helicopters or something this year.Oh well....guys.
    I just don't understand how some guys go in at daybreak on opening morning and start the chainsaw up and slam around some metal, clanking there stands and decoys around to finally get set up.
    The rut is a funny thing isn't it......?
    AND it
    Beats me how some guys even get deer,but sometimes it just happens.
  4. wildjerseyfirefighter

    wildjerseyfirefighter New Member

    dont feel bad, i havent even got a spot picked out to hunt in yet, and the season opens up saturday:Cry:
  5. J.Blay

    J.Blay New Member

    Where it's safe to, I leave stands up year round and pull the climbing sticks. Everywhere else, I use an Ambush saddle. Some spots I leave in all but the bottom few steps. Other spots, I just mark my parking spot with my gps and wander until I find a hot scrape or other good sign. Then I climb and hunt from the Ambush Saddle, best purchase I've made in years. 20 folding steps, the Saddle, a trimming saw, and I can hunt way more trees than any climber. I need to stay in shape, though. The Saddle isn't for everybody.
  6. red44

    red44 Senior Member

    Finnished my last one yesterday. Season starts Columbus day.
  7. jdawg240

    jdawg240 BOWNUTS

    We used to take them down each winter. Now were all grown up and with hetic family life's we just leave them up. It's alot easier for us to reset them and replace straps each year. And we buy 2 or 3 new stands now each summer. Way easier than resetting 20 plus stands. Just remember to back out the screw in tree steps at the end of the fall :frusty: . We have 23 sets ready to go for this up coming season that!!!!!!!!!!!