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    remember back when you first started!!! where do i go etc. what is the best group to join? asa,ibo...etc....i want a group/club that has many shoot both state/reginal shoots, also need gear i have the bow!! hoyt trykonxl gold, and now need sight,rest,arrows,release..etc... i have been hunting with bow and shot bow for many years and want to get into tounaments!! 3d and paper so let me know where you all started!!! can you remeber? thank you dale!
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    I would say it depends on where you live. Here, it is almost all IBO. When I started, I joined the local club, got involved with setting the shoots and tearing down. Spot shooting was the best thing for me. You will shoot a lot, and that will help you with your form and shot sequence.

    As for equipment, that will also depend on what class you shoot in. Are you looking for movable, or fixed pins class? I will reccomend Sword Accusite products for your sights. They have a large selection, and you can not get better equipment dollar for dolllar spent. Spend the extra cash for a top of the line arrow, you won't regret it. As for the rest, you will need to decide what style you want before you get into specific brands.

    I hope this helps.


    Oh yeah, don't get caught up in the "fastest bow around" thing. You can have speed and accuracy, but don't compromise accuracy to gain a few fps.

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    its split here between asa, ibo.. I like asa better. ibo gears more towards hunting. there are more open classes in asa. and I think its run alot better than ibo. most people who have shot both like asa setup better. but its all preferance. I remember starting with my hunting bow. 6 years ago.. a browning ambush. I won my class 1st year. and have one every class I've been in since this year. placed 2nd at state ASA championships. Next year will be my last year in open. I'm planning on moving to semi-pro next year.
    I was lucky. I was taught from one of the best shooters in michigan. I didnt get a chance to develope any bad habits. And we are friends now and helps me all the time. He got me on a co-op program at his shop. Then I got noticed and met some people. attended some pro-ams and later was asked to be on staff with pse. I still buy all my stuff that I need from him. I owe him every thing. And I am loyal. Good friends are hard to find you know!!! now I'm getting my young sons into archery and my 5 year old will be attending his first 3d tourney this upcoming season.