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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Ohioarcher, Mar 10, 2008.

  1. Ohioarcher

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    Getting ready to have new strings put on my PSE Baby G Force Infinity. Since I have never had this done, can anyone give me advice on what stings would be the best.

    I would like to have a non-twisting string, money is not a big issue, however; I don't want to break the bank. Would not mind picking up a few more FPS if possible too. Currently shooting around 290-300 FPS.
  2. Ronhop

    Ronhop RIP

    The only experience I have is with BCY 8125 and 452x.
    *125 gives you a bit of a speed boost but is has a bit of stretch. 452x basically don't stretch but could be hard on bow limbs.

    Now, this is all based on the informal archery BS communication arena...

    452x is to me a really stable string/cable material that has worked well for me for about 2 years or so. The BCY 8125 I had for about 6 months or so gave me some headaches with string twist and peep rotation.

    I have no clue about brownell. I have heard from a lot of folks that their ultracam is really good.

    I don't build strings/cables so the number of strands and serving size is way beyond my current comprehension.

    Hope that helped.... But if it did not don't flame me for it... :laugh:


  3. Chris

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    If money is really not a concern, get winners choice. Others will say you can get just as good for less money.
  4. QSA

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    Ranger bow strings. He is going to make my next set of strings. He has an ad here on 3DShoots
  5. Ohioarcher

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    Thanks for the info, I've decided on the winner's chioce strings. The local shop has ordered them and will be here later this week. I'll let u all know how the turn out after I have them on.........:peace: