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Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by J.Blay, May 28, 2008.

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    I'm considering making "the switch" to a back tension release. I'm using a tru ball pro diamond. I'm leaning toward a carter solution 3, because I may use it either way. Boy, are they expensive! Has anyone hunted with this? Is it silent, or just quiet when used as a thumb release? Some releases make a click when activated, and claim to be silent. I'm primarily a hunter that practices year round and shoots a little 3D. I only use one release. Any other releases suggested will be considered. Your experiences will be appreciated. Thanks. Jeff.
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    I went down the exact same path you are walking down and bought a Solution 3. It has a unique feature that you can switch between a BT and trigger release by removing a screw. It also has a safety, which is very easy to re-engage if you decide you're not ready for the shot and want to let down. It takes some practice with a big piece of loop rope tied to a column in the basement or something to get used to it but it's a very nice release and incredibly well made. I didn't regret buying mine, which I bought from Obsession Archery ( online store)...

    One thing to note is that I shoot right off the string/serving and do not use a rope loop. With the Sol 3 I needed to use a 'release rope' that's tied to the release itself. The release has a provision for it so no big deal but I think you should know about that ahead of time. If you want a pic of how I have mine set up let me know...