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  1. Hey fellas, I was out avoiding work today, when I decided to check out a new outdoor store. They had a pse x-force that was about 27" ATA ! It was set for 29" so I shot it. I'm not really a PSE fan but I got to tell you, it was pretty awesome. Have any of you seenm one or shot it yet? what did you think?
  2. jkcerda

    jkcerda the GOON squad POSEE

    I hated the acute string angle.
    bow felt pretty good.
    was that the TS or SS?

    for some reason all the X-forces tha i have seen seem to be leaning to the right when hanging on the wall:noidea: .

    i like the original x-force better than any of the other ones that came out.

  3. Don't know which one it was. just know it was way short! I agree about the string angle though! peep was far from the eye. but I'm sure you could get used to it if you had to. seems perfect for some of the cool new blinds that have been coming out!
  4. jkcerda

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    dont forget that a lot of times we hunt when the light is just showing, or when it's getting dark.
    the peep that far away will make it hard to focus, just my .02 cents.
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    Great bow, and it doesn't shoot like a super short A2A bow. For those looking for a short A2A bow for hunting in the tight stuff or out of a tree stand, you can't go wrong with it. The bow draw and shoot really nice, with outstanding speed.