Switchback performs well!!!

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by OKbowhunter, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I really like this bow. Performance this weekend was out standing.

    It's still bow season here in OK., the late season. I have already taken two does at approx. 20 yrds with my Switchback, so this weekend I was out trying to tag a good buck. Well about 8:30 am I see a big bodied deer coming through the oaks. The second rut is in and he is searching. I look at his rack and it's not impressive at all, he's a spike rack on a 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 yr. old deer. One spike is 12" and the other is about 2" I was going to let him walk but then I thought about him passing on his poor genetics. Decided to take him. He was coming to me and at about 50 yrds he turns and is walking parallel to me. I see an opening he will cross, I range a nearby tree and it reads 50 yrds. He hits the opening and pauses standing broadside. There is no wind on this cold morning. I am at full draw, settle my pin on his chest and release. The arrow is a dot going away from me then I hear a whack. He turns and runs and I hear him hit the barb wire fence and then I can hear him running through the leaves.......then silence.

    Gave it about 30 min. then went to where the deer was standing. During my wait I started thinking about the shot and the whack.....I've never heard the whack before. I started to doubt myself and the shot. I have practiced relentlessly at shots greater than this distance just so I would be able to make a long distance shot if needed. 50 yrds was my max distance. I knew the bow performance was capable of making this shot and indeed it did. There stuck in the ground was my arrow covered from tip to fletch covered with bright red blood. A complete pass through and the arrow was stuck in the dirt about 4". 70 yrds later after following a great blood trail I found my buck. Double lung shot, about 2" back from the shoulder and about mid line of the body.

    This bow is so easy to shoot. I have it set up at 67-68# with a 29.5" draw. I shoot GT pro's. Total arrow wt. is 398 gn. with a mechanical head. I've chrono'ed it at about 278-281 fps. The bow was so quiet and shooting lasers that the deer didn't know what hit him. I would not have attmepted this shot with my bows from the past but the Switchback is.......well, awsome is all I can think to say.
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    Hi OK,

    Congrats on the successful hunt!! The Switchback is very good bow, and it's good to have confidence in your equipment out in the field.

    How about some meat? I don't need much......the back-straps will do!;) j/k

    Now you have to post some pics!

    Good shooting!