Sword Acusite Archery sights.

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  1. I was just wondering if anyone on this board uses Sword Acusight Archery sights? The company is out of Kentucky. They look like a good quality sight system, but I was hoping for some input from people who own any model sights from this company. Looking for a good sight system for my new Bowtech Guardian.

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  2. chelleo

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    I read nothing but good about them. To me they look just like another pin type sight. I'm so goofy I can't remember what pin is to what yardage so I just stick with my sure-loc dot dealy bobber and all is well. :doh:

  3. J.A.G.

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    They have real good customer service. Bought one a few months ago and had lots of problems.. sight wouldn't stay tight and would move everytime bow was shot.. called them and they expressed a replacement part.. Just make sure you get the screws very tight... this was a 3rd place acusite .010.
    IMO - depending on your eyes.. the .010 are a little too small for 3d, with aging eyes..
    Everyone else i know that has a Sword site really likes it.
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    I love mine...:peace:
  5. whitetail99

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    They have the BEST value in archer sights.
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    Sword sights are very well made. Channy is a very friendly, helpful guy. I've got two of the 3rd axis sights on a dove tail mount. I've had no problems at all. The .019 pins are extremely bright. I like that the light doesn't light up the pin guard, just the pins. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a pin sight. I've also looked at the moveable sight. It appears to be nicely made, as well.