Target Bow Suggestions?

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by dennykyser, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. dennykyser

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    I am a LH shooter and live in rural pa so shooting before I buy happens once very 5 or 6 bows I buy. I have to go buy reviews and what I can read up on.

    I have shot high end bows by Hoyt, Mathews and Bowtech, liked them all. Only Target bow I ever owned was a Mathews Conquest.

    Used to buy a new bow every year, but have not shot in a couple years so out of the loop.

    If you were to get a target bow today, what would you buy.
    Probably will go new, although looking at a used 09 Bowtech Brigadier for $650.00.

    Would really appreciate some help in where to start looking.
    If it matters, I am a 5'10" 28" dl shooter.

  2. Huntelk

    Huntelk New Member

    If buying used I would seach for either a pro or ultra elite with the 3000 limbs. Shooting low poundage with the spiral cams is my choice with either of those bows. If you lean more toward 3-d than spots then give the 2000 limb option some serious consideration.

    If ordering a new bow the Hoyt contender elite is filling the big shoes of the discontinued bows above. If it were me at 28" dl the package would include 2000 limbs and spirals.

    Mathews hasn't dropped their new 2010 target bows. At your draw the C4 would be my choice of the used bows. I'd have trouble recommending the Apex 7 as a bow to buy before shooting it.

    PSE has a couple target options that are decent bows, but again I would have trouble pointing you that direction with the inability to shoot them first.

  3. hstubblefield

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    The brig is a good bow but with your size and draw the captian or sential is awsome you would get more speed out of both of them.I am about the same maybe little bigger and I went with the Captian it shoots great but really looking hard at the new sentinal FLX.
  4. dennykyser

    dennykyser Guest

    I went ahead and picked up the Brigadier, ordered a sure-loc sight and now trying to decide on a rest.

    Will be watching the 2010 models as they start getting some reviews.
  5. WCH

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    I really would look at a alpine ventura for your height and draw length it is the exact same as mine and that will be what I will be shooting next year. Alpine is having a sell on last years model I think for 600 dollars it's a good buy. The brigadier would be good too. Never mind I see you got the drigadier good bow, and congratsm hope you enjoy it.
  6. JAVI

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    I'd take a look at the C-4 the JDX has for sale...
  7. J.A.G.

    J.A.G. Senior Member

    New Breed Archery- Cyborg, 38"... That's what i'm getting. :peace:
  8. RixFluri73

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    Target Bow Suggestions

    the bow looks great you were right on with this bow it has everything in a 3d bow that i would want.

    thanks for the first look pearson archery you hit a grand slam. thanks fig
  9. Sturdyman

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    Congratulations dennykyser. I hope you enjoy your new purchase. When you get a chance please give us your observations on the Brigadere. I have my eye on the Sentinal FLX and might go with either the Captain or the Brigadere shortly after. I would appriciate an honest evaluation. A few pictures would be nice. I like to drool. What finish did you get?

    Again congrats on your new purchase and shoot as often as you can. Enjoy.:peace: