Terrorist alert causing ASA shooter problems!

Discussion in 'General Archery Forum' started by Chris, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Chris

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    A couple of our staff shooters were headed to Georgia for the ASA Shoot. Well after a 2.5hr delay, their flight was cancelled. They finally got a flight and then the airline lost the bows. So they had to get a hotel and go back the following morning. The airline says, your packages will arrive on the first plane in tomorrow.

    The next morning, the first plane comes, no bows. Second plane, no bows. Third plane, no bows. They are still waiting to see if they come in. They said if the bows are not there in another 20 minutes, they are going to fly home.:doh:

    So much for spending the weekend at the ASA tournament.
  2. BowhuntnHoosier

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    That would totally blow!!!!!!!

    Sorry to hear this kind of crap happening. I hope everything turns out ok for them and they have a great time at the shoot.:rockon:

  3. Holy Smokes

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    Yeah we need to really ask the Good Lord to protect us and the rest of the world from these people who don't have a clue. Like the son's of Zebedee," shall we call lighting down upon them Jesus?" O course Jesus did not like that idea. The Bible says to pray for your enemies. I just wish I knew how! I guess for them to all be converted.:pray: Holy Smokes

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    We will never fly united ever again!! Worst customer service I have ever seen!!! From start to finish nothing but a complete joke and a waste of our hard earned money!!!

    Oh ya and the when we sat on the fight for 2.5 hours that got cancelled, Chris forgot to mention that we had no air conditioning. It must have been 100 degrees on that piece of junk!!
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    Sorry to hear that. I am sure glad that we decided to drive. The only thing that got me was the last 80 miles of the 13 hour trip. I thought that the last 80 miles would never end. We had a great time at the Classic though. I can not wait until next year.
  6. Ronhop

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    Yeah, too bad some crazy people have to mess up our lives. At least the British authorities got onto this before innocent people got killed. Too bad about the tournament as well. That shucks... Send Bin Laden the bill for the tickets and hotel... With a big letter bomb attached.

    United is bad ?

    I fly a lot for work and mostly use American Airlines. Don't feel bad since they are no better than United. Air Tran ? No better. Continental ? No better. Southwest ? No better. They all treat passenegers like cattle going to a slaughter unless you fork up big bucks for First Class. And then they just treat you like cattle.


  7. Dredly

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    United is horrible. I've never seen an airline have such poor service and people that care so little.

    Here is a little story for you:

    was in Seattle, got to the airport 2 hours early (Seatac is completly hit or miss on the times) and find out that my flight to Chicago was canceled for MAINTENANCE ISSUES!!!! Then we went through the its canceled, no it is isn't its delayed, no its canceled, no its taking off at noon...

    finally after talking to 4 different customer serivce idiots on the phone, all who told me the earliest flight was at 12 midnight to Chicago, and one nice lady at the counter, who got me on a flight immediately through Denver i was throughly disgusted.

    Spent the entire day on a plane and then running through an airport... got at the airport at 4:30 am Pacific time, got off my plane in Allentown at 10:30 PM est... talk about a crappy day