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    I shoot at obsession and chris has been setting up my bows for two years now, and when I say bows what is it Chris like seven now, I bought a new guardian from chris in smoke chrome and the first day finish started coming off, so I showed Chris he called bowtech they sent me a new one and chris set it up again number 8 I think now. Saturday we changed the mods to the new ones that bowtech came out with to change the let off to 65% I shot my first 60x today. I do not care what anybody says about bowtech this new guardian is a machine. If any of you need a bow set up Chris is the man you here a lot about crackers and speed but if you want accuracy get it obsessed at obsession but be careful it might become an addiction. I just can't wait for league to start.
    todays scores not bragging just an awsome day shooting f I could only shoot like this all the time
    300 60x five spot
    298 26x vegas 300 round
    357 30 x vegas 360 round
    448 36x vegas 450 round
    Hey chris I need some more vegas targets if you don't have them order me some and I will be in some time this week.

    BUNNYMAN I pray for you!

    sweet glad you like NYers need to make a road trip and meet chris face to face.....:rockon: